Hello, I'm Karen.

I’m an entrepreneur, a single mom, and an abuse survivor. If I’m lucky, this is the middle of my life, a time when people are prone to have a "Midlife Crisis."

There's no doubt that my life looks dramatically different today then it did two years ago. I'm definitely not the same person I was, but it's all been for the positive. That’s where “Life Renovations” comes from. I’m renovating, improving, expanding.

For over 30 years I let other people and circumstances dictate the course of my life.

That ended 3 years ago when I started living a life of my choosing.

Today, I own my own Digital Marketing Agency,  I learned to love and value myself.  I live on my own and most importantly I am whole on my own.

This is my life renovation. From losing everything to gaining a life. A life I’m proud of and hope will inspire others.